The naughty accomplice and her twisted boyfriend were lying in bed on a Sunday morning. They had gone to a Halloween Costume Party last night. Dressed as Little Bo Peep, she looked like a slutty ageplay princess. Under the short blue dress, she wore white stockings and ruffled fancy satin panties. She recognized that look in his eyes, and she discovered he had naughty fantasies and desires. By teasing him and calling him “Daddy,” during sex, he gave her the most intense orgasms last night.

Now it was morning, and it was a beautiful sunny day. Last night’s sex was so great that she wants to give him a special gift today. The naughty accomplice slowly strokes his cock and kisses his neck. What if she offers a temptation that he cannot refuse? She points out that there will be so many cute kittens at the local Harvest Festival today. The girlfriend knows how to make him weak by selecting the tastiest little treats.


The naughty couple walks around the festival. There is a large crowd, with lots of little ones running around. Many of the parents found the beer tent, and the little ones roam wild. There are so many activities to amuse and entertain the little ones. The accomplice shows no mercy today. She bites her boyfriend on the neck and whispers in his ear, as she points out the camel toe on the little blonde. She has pigtails, bright blue eyes and is eating sugary sweet pink cotton candy. He trembles.

They walk around the festival. The naughty girlfriend makes her boyfriend stop and watch the carousel. Kittens ride up and down, hanging on so tight as a little pussy touches the back of the horse. The man running the ride has a sinister look in his eyes. He rubs up against the little kittens as he places her or takes her off her beautifully decorated horse. Why should he get to have all the fun today playing?


Her poor boyfriend has a horrible set of blue balls and is in desperate need of relief. Soon the accomplice takes him to the corn maze. They wait only a moment and follow a group of kittens, wearing their Sunday dresses, skip into the corn maze. The naughty pervy couple enters giggling and holding hands. The accomplice reminds him that anticipation is foreplay.

In a quiet corner of the corn maze, finally, the boyfriend’s pants come down, and he craves the sweet kitty. His girlfriend pulls down the kitten’s panties and finds her soft and tight. The kitten learns how to be a big girl and use her tiny mouth to make Daddy happy. In my wicked fantasy, the accomplice lures and corners the prettiest little kitten.