Seduction led me to be the worst party guest at my best friend’s Halloween Party. I could not help myself. I was out of my control, driven by lust and desire. He was charming and very sexy. Every single lady was wet and flirted with him, but he only flirted with me. I wanted him. Can I blame it on the pumpkin spice martinis lowering my inhibitions? How will I ever look my best friend in the eye after fucking a hottie in her bed during her party?

How could I resist him? I blame fate for betraying my best friend. Or is she to blame? She introduced me to the hot man. She made a big joke about our costumes and threw us together. As two single people at a Halloween Party, seduction was on the horizon as soon as he touched my hand. He was Superman, and I was Wonder Woman. As I looked into his brown eyes and heard his southern drawl, my legs felt weak. I wanted him in the worst way as my panties became damp. His flirtatious smile and broad shoulders, he was the perfect Super Man.


There was an immediate spark, chemistry brewing between us. I watched the ladies throw themselves at him.  After all, he was Superman. He was witty and attentive. He was strong, intelligent, and delightful. I knew that I wanted to fuck him, and I anticipated him taking me home tonight. Usually, I am shy, but tonight I am empowered as Wonder Woman. Nothing would stop me from getting my man. Using the art of seduction and my big tits, he was drawn to me like a moth to a flame.


The good girl in me knew the proper etiquette. I should flirt and tease him until the end of the party. Then hoping he asks for my number, I wait for him to call. Is that what Wonder Woman would do, sit and wait? Of course not! She always has a plan to get her man. My first thought was I would ask him for a ride home tonight, but I honestly could not wait that long. Following the rules of seduction, I wanted to kiss Superman.

I whispered in his ear and invited him to follow me. As we walked up the stairs, my woman’s intuition said he was staring at my ass. I took him up to her bedroom. After that first kiss, the Man of Steel unzipped me out of my costume, but he asked me to leave my boots on. Then he bent me over the bed and fucked me. It was an exhilarating sexual experience, that is until my best friend walked in and caught us. Seduction to the rescue, as we tempt her into the bed for a threesome.