A tale as old as time, a seductive farmer’s daughter seduced a weary stranger. After the state troopers close the highway because of an accident, he makes a wrong turn. It is late, and a businessman ends up on unfamiliar roads. He finds himself lost with no cell service. Up ahead in the distance, he sees bright lights from an isolated farmhouse. His car slides off the icy road, and he walks to the house. A beautiful, barely legal girl answers the door.

The girl’s father and mother push the girl out of the way. The parents provide comfort and welcome the stranded traveler into their home. When the man notices a sweet but seductive look in the teenager’s eyes, he shivers. He spots trouble and knows he should keep his distance from her. The farmer takes the traveler to the home office. He calls his family back home and calls for a tow truck. Due to the icy conditions, he will have to spend the night with the farm family.


The naughty, sexy girl rarely meets strangers. They have such a tight-knit community. She views this as an opportunity to practice being seductive. Inside her cedar chest, under the hand-sewn quilt, she has a sexy bra and panty set she bought in the city. Her parents would punish her if they knew she had this provocative red lingerie.

Their conservative religious views would consider her lustful thoughts and desires as sinful. The girl is curious about sex with an older man. She hears the noises coming out of her parents’ bedroom behind that locked door. The hot farmer’s daughter wants to scream like Mommy. The girl is horny and is ready to try her hand at being seductive and fucking the stranded traveler.


Her parents offer the guest to sleep on the sofa and send the girl to her room for the night. Then the daughter waits until her parents are asleep before she creeps quietly along the hardwood floors. With seductive kisses and caress inside his pants, she wakes the businessman. Instinctively, he pulls away from her, knowing that her father most likely has a shotgun under the bed. He looks up at the beautiful girl in the red lingerie and finds her curves and her kisses difficult to ignore.

Lust is a powerful force of nature. With her parents upstairs, she is taking a significant risk. The farmer’s daughter goes down on the man’s cock. Her eyes are hypnotic, staring into his with her lips wrapped around his shaft. He moans and thrusts his cock into her mouth. He cannot resist her seductive eyes, and he fucks her beautiful body.