He was desperate for a good-paying job, so after complete feminization, he got a job as a lady secretary. The female-owned company had the best benefits and the highest wages in the city. I took him shopping and oversaw his purchases. The next day we went to the salon for a head to toe make-over. By the end of his female training, his mother would not recognize him as her son, but she would as her daughter.

I escorted him to his new employee orientation to help calm his nerves. Now that he had experienced feminization, he was timid and submissive. The beautiful human resources manager greeted us in the reception area and took us to her office. The lady-man filled out his paperwork, and the manager asked for his identification. He handed the lovely manager his driver’s license, and I smiled. She giggled when she discovered that he was actually a man in a dress.


After orientation, I shook the HR manager’s hand. She assured me she would keep a close on him, as she smacked his ass and winked at me. I watched them walk away from me. I stood for a moment and noticed the sway in his hips. As he walked in his black high heels, but the hem of that skirt was an inch too short for the office. There was a moment of joy in my heart as I left the company. With feminization now complete, my submissive was in for a wild ride.


Every morning, I inspect his outfits to ensure every detail is perfect. Pantyhose, heels, skirts, blouse, and sweater! I peek at his bra and panties to ensure his feminization is flawless. After work, he comes to my place, and we drank girly chardonnay. As I unwind, my lady-man friend blushes as he shares every humiliating thing that happened to him that day. The teasing the office ladies make him endure is constant.

Then one morning, after he sends me a text where he describes a humiliating incident. There was a real man, wearing a suit and tie, on the train. He found the lady-man attractive, and he got as close as possible. The alpha man touched and caressed the man in the dress. Then his hard cock brushed against that feminized ass of my cross-dresser. He giggled and blushed like a shy schoolgirl. That gave me an idea.

Later that day, I went over the office and met with the owners. One of the managers brought him into the lunchroom. All the ladies teased him and called him names. Then I forced him down on his knees, and I lifted his skirt. One of the ladies pulled his panties down. After a spanking, he got his boy-pussy pegged hard. Tears streamed down his girly face from the intensity of the thrusting. I grabbed his pretty chin and reminded him that he was a sexy slut for the ladies. Without the feminization and humiliation, where would he be?