naughty girl

Once there was a very hot party girl who needed to let go and get naughty. She had the worst case of cabin fever due to the social distancing rules. Despite the chaos caused by the pandemic, she was going to be a bridesmaid next month. Last weekend, the girls got together for a bachelorette party in Nashville. Initially, the party girl anticipated a wild weekend, but the bride had other plans.

The bride insisted her weekend consist of little social interactions, but be classy and elegant. This bride sucked her future husband’s cock in the middle of a party in college. Where did that naughty girl go? The bridesmaid had hoped for a traditional down and dirty bachelorette party. She needed to let off some steam but found the quiet dinner in a private room to be the most boring night of her life. Hearing the endless details from the bride and her whiny Mother seemed to go on forever!

The naughty bridesmaid wanted to party and see the city!

The bridesmaid heard that Nashville had become a great party city, and she wanted to hit the bars. Then the bride said she wanted the girls to head to their rooms after dinner. The naughty bridesmaid wanted to sneak out and find a hot party. She went to her room, changed into a thong and slinky slip of a dress. Then she grabbed an Uber to hit the bars where she drank, danced with cowboys and southern hotties.

After midnight, the pace slowed down, matching the tempo of the music. The singer’s song ignited this intense sexual energy in the room. A man grabbed the party girl and asked her to dance to a slow rock song. They continued to dance, and he sang lyrics in her ear as he held her close. Her blue eyes sparkled as he ran his hand under her dress and touched her panties. The naughty, sexy couple kissed passionately. She rubbed his cock through his jeans and could feel that he was hard. There were hot and horny for each other.

He invited her to the VIP area upstairs, and she took his hand. There was more music up there and a great view of Nashville. They could watch the sun come up there. As they waited for the elevator, they made out. When the doors opened, he told others to wait for the next one. The bridesmaid stopped the elevator before it reached the top floor. The naughty girl let her dress fall to the floor, and she sucked his cock. Instead of going to the top, he took her back to her bed at the hotel, and she let him fuck her bareback. The naughty party girl felt happy and more alive than she had in months.