The bachelorette party annoyed me, but I found a hottie for an erotic, naughty adventure! I thought the wedding would be dull because it was very formal and stuffy. Her colors were black and silver, an odd choice for a young bride. Typically, I have a girl-next-door look to me, but my bridesmaid dress and hair were nighttime glam. Upon the direction of the bride, the bridesmaids wore dark lipstick and dark makeup. My dress was a strapless black gown with a bit of exposed cleavage.

The dress was very restrictive, challenging to get naughty!

At the wedding rehearsal, I met the best man. What a fucking hottie! He had me at hello! With his charming Texan accent and sparkling blue eyes, he made my pussy quiver the night we met. All the bridesmaids flirted with him, but he made a point to find me right after the rehearsal dinner. I wanted to get dirty and naughty with this bad boy. We sat and had a drink together until the groom took him to play poker in his suite.

The boys drank good whiskey, smoked cigars, and played cards

After the dinner, the bridesmaids got our nails done. Now, I love a good manicure and pedicure, but I wanted to party. While the girls sipped sweet white wine and gossiped, I fantasized the best man came to my hotel room. Instead of the hottie, the bride slept in my room the night before the wedding. That naughty best man took the guys to a strip club. Sure he was grinding on some stripper when he should have been fucking me.

The wedding was at sunset in a rose garden at the hotel. Despite the poor choice of color scheme, the wedding was beautiful. As I walked down the carpeted aisle, I wished the bride paired me with the best man instead of the bride’s brother. He was a nice guy, but I was hot for the naughty bad boy. Then I saw him, and he looked very handsome in his tux. That sexy, seductive smile of his got me all hot again.

As soon as the photographer took the group pictures, the best man and I drank champagne and danced. While our hips touched, I confessed to him that champagne makes horny. He kissed my lips and said he would take good care of me. At the end of the song, we left the dance floor for more champagne. When the bride and groom left the wedding to go to their suite, we went to my room. He unzipped my dress and pulled down my hair. We both got naked and naughty in that room!