no limits

Consider yourself warned with this No Limits Girl. As a teen, she played on her school’s golf team and won state. She had her coach wrapped around her finger. He gave her all the extra attention she needed to become a winner!

Last week, for a first date, a nice guy asked her to play golf. He had no idea that she was good at golf but wicked with men’s hearts. Her face is sweet, but she is a naughty, no limits babe when it comes to her sexual interests. She is a wild exhibitionist out of the bedroom. She is hot and plays dirty!

In this erotic fantasy, she started early, controlling men!

As a was a young girl, Uncle would take her with him to hit a bucket of balls. With her powerful swing, her shots outdistanced her Uncle’s. After a while, he would sit back and masturbate watching her. She learned early that pretty girls easily control men. There are no limits what a man with hard cock will do to please a hot babe. At first, Uncle would buy her the things she wanted, and later, he became her sex toy. Uncle would give the sexual pleasures that her quarterback boyfriend couldn’t give her.

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Yesterday, she met her date on the golf course. She wore a short skirt. The sweet guy hoped that someday, she would let him get between those lovely long legs of hers. Every guy was checking her out her curves. Were there no limits to her beauty? Her yellow top was so tight over her big tits, but she had the face of an innocent angel.

He was winning after the first three holes

She was holding back and toying with him. The girl loves wicked domination sex games. With the sun reflecting on her shiny hair, she looked ethereal and angelic. When she proposed a wager, he just knew there was no way he could lose. As she put her ball on the tee, she looked up at him and proposed that the loser do anything that the winner wants, no limits. He laughed and accepted the wager. Then she swung, and the ball was on the green with one stroke.

He knew his fate, but what would she want?

When his ball ended up in the water, he knew she was going to beat him. He surrendered and asked what she wanted. The girl turned him into her sex slave, and she used him as a sex toy on the golf course. He had the most intense sexual encounter, but he lost his golf membership at his country club. They canceled his membership for deviant behavior. They stated anal sex does not belong on their golf course. No taboos and no limits are what you get with this girl, so now you have been warned!