Mommy and daughter use seduction to tempt Daddy. After all, love begins at home, so Father’s Day is the best day for a family fun fantasy or roleplay. A beautiful daughter and a dirty mommy as an accomplice are an unstoppable force of nature. Daddy does not stand a chance to resist the temptation of going bareback on his daughter.

A dominant, forceful mother forces her daughter to seduce her Daddy, Seduction Sunday! The day starts like any other Sunday morning. Mommy makes a big breakfast, Daddy reads the Sunday paper, and their little girl sleeps late. Mommy gets her out of bed to eat breakfast, and it is Daddy’s favorite! As usual, their daughter comes to the breakfast table wearing her pajamas. One thing is different this morning, and the girl brings his Father’s Day present to the table.

Daddy wears his new shirt and enjoys a relaxing, playful Sunday!

Later in the day, Mommy and daughter watch a movie with a twisted plot on Lifetime. In the film, the wicked mom and daughter use seduction and blackmail on their landlord. This movie is a chick flick, and Daddy groans there is no baseball this year. He takes a beer and his paper into the bedroom because the light is excellent for reading. As he reads his newspaper, Daddy notices a provocative ad. The model has big tits, and he remembers his daughter’s big tits, with no bra at breakfast. He feels guilty for finding her big tits so arousing, and he rubs his cock through his pants.

Mommy points out the big seduction scene in the movie and forces the girl to tease and tempt Daddy. The girl walks into the room and says, “Hi, Daddy.” Like in the film, the daughter pulls down the straps of her top and shows off her big tits. Then she rubs her nipples, but Daddy tells her to get dressed. Her hot body makes him squirm, as Mommy said it would. The beautiful daughter makes Daddy weak as she stands in front of him, wearing only her sexy panties.

Father’s Day is the best day for seduction

Daddy is trembling and weak. He begs her to put on her clothes, but dirty accomplice mommy walks into the room. Mommy tells the girl to take off her panties and finger herself. Masturbate for Daddy until you cum on your fingers, then make him taste. Although Daddy tries to be a good daddy and he cannot resist the seduction and temptation!

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