naughty neighbor

A naughty girl, home alone, sat on her back porch one evening. The warm evening air felt good, and she watched the sunset. The girl grew restless until the back door opened next door. Her hot next-door neighbor had the same idea. He sat on his back porch too, but he was playing on his phone and drinking a beer. The girl realized it had been months since she had drunk a beer and hooked up with a hottie.



While on a business trip, a man found himself in need of a suit and met a size queen at the mall. Tomorrow he had an unscheduled meeting with the board of directors. He needed a suit and tie, but he didn’t bring one with him. His assistant sent him directions to the local mall. He parked his rental car and rode the escalator. In the men’s department, he found beautiful suits and ties, but it was a matter of getting the best one. There was no time for any significant alterations.

For a Size Queen, A Hard Man Is a good Find!

While looking at the jackets on the rack, a lovely southern belle approached him. He expected a grey-haired man to be working in the suit department. H thought the pretty lady was another shopper. He was pleasantly surprised when she brought over the perfect navy blue jacket. He slipped it on in the store, but it was a little snug in the shoulders. She suggested that he get measured. The way the size queen held the tape measure, and the tone of her voice made his cock tingle.

The man has never had a woman measure him, and that made him nervous. Once in the dressing room, she measured his chest and waist. Then the sales lady dropped to her knees and used the tape measure to measure his inseam. Her fingers caressed his balls through his pants. He became very embarrassed when he got an erection, but the size queen loves the big bulge in his pants. She unzips this pants and smiles as she measures the length of his hard shaft.

The sexually aggressive sales lady takes his cock into her mouth.

She sucks slow and sexy. Both of them find all the mirrors exciting as they watch themselves. After a long blow job, the size queen takes a second measurement. She announces that he grew a full inch, and she stands up and makes out with him. After she takes off her clothes, she faces the mirror, and he fucks her from behind. After fucking her, she drops to her knees for a third measurement. His cock is bigger and thicker.

She strokes his cock before he fucks her again. The man grabs her hips and fucks her hard, thrusting and pumping, both of the sweaty and moaning. His beautiful thick cock gives her the length and girths she demands. The man leaves with the perfect suit and chance to blow off some steam on a stressful business trip. The size queen found a hot man who satisfied all her needs.


A tale as old as time, a seductive farmer’s daughter seduced a weary stranger. After the state troopers close the highway because of an accident, he makes a wrong turn. It is late, and a businessman ends up on unfamiliar roads. He finds himself lost with no cell service. Up ahead in the distance, he sees bright lights from an isolated farmhouse. His car slides off the icy road, and he walks to the house. A beautiful, barely legal girl answers the door.



When I want to be seductive, I strip down to everything except for my panties. Then I crawl into my boyfriend’s lap and grind against him. He is helpless to say no as my hips and ass rub against him. His breath changes as his cock grow. Sometimes he begs me to stop so he can fuck me, but I am in control now. He has to endure my foreplay until I slide off his lap. I seduce my lover to become addicted to my panties.



I have been a good girl all week, but I got so fucking naughty last night. I spent the week helping my mom prepare for Thanksgiving. I did every task she asked. Without a complaint, I ran to the only grocery store open on Thanksgiving afternoon. Mom needed a couple of things. Traffic was brutal. While driving, I noticed my hands were bright red from washing the dishes and cooking with mom.

Instead of using the everyday dishes that can are dishwasher safe, Mom went overboard. She pulled out the china and white tablecloth. Also, I took care of the kitchen after dinner.  By the time I finished putting away the dishes, both of my parents were sleeping. I put on a naughty, short leather skirt, boots, and make-up and went to the local corner sports bar.


Many of my old friends from high school were there at the bar. Two guys bought me shots. Then I saw him sitting at a table on the other side of the bar, my high school boyfriend. He popped my cherry on the living room floor after school one afternoon. Now he was sitting there, and I stared at him until he saw me. He left his table and joined me at the bar. We hugged and reminisced of how naughty we got on my parents’ floor.

Sitting there next to him, I flirted and seduced him. Just looking at him made me horny and made me wet. He was trying to be good, and he told me all about his girlfriend. He showed me a pic of her on his phone. Her tits were small, so I was not jealous, but I was horny. I leaned and teased by talking dirty to him. Soon my hand was on his arm, and his hand was on my knee. He said I looked like such a naughty girl dressed in my sexy skirt and boots.


We walked out to his car. As he unlocked the passenger side of his car, I kissed him. Kissed him deep, and my tongue touched his. His hands grabbed my waist, and his hips pressed against mine. He needed to fuck me as much as I need him. I pushed him against his car and unzipped his pants. Time to get fucking naughty!

His cock is much bigger than I remember. I leaned him against the car, and I bent down in the parking lot and sucked his cock. Someone was walking out of the bar, so I stopped and kissed his mouth. When we were alone, he set me on the hood of his car, pushed my panties to the side and gave me a hot fuck. I let him cum in me! I had a very naughty Thanksgiving Night!



Her boyfriend plans to meet his buddies for beer and football at the sports bar, but his girlfriend is horny. While he is out with his friends, she could take off her panties and masturbate to her favorite porn. She could also force her boyfriend into skipping the game and stay home to fuck her. His cock brings her so much pleasure. His girl is horny, and only his cock can give her the orgasm she craves. (more…)