A college coed is taking a class, an advanced psych course, requiring a research project. The naughty student has a keen interest in sexual fetishes, especially BDSM. With much enthusiasm, she presents a proposal to her nerdy Professor. She wants to do a study based on her curiosity for erotic hypnosis. She shows him porn on the subject. The Professor says not to waste his time with internet nonsense and fake science. The girl becomes more determined to learn how to do erotic hypnosis.

The college coed hits the books and does her research.

The more she learns, the more anxious she is to conduct the study. She schedules a meeting with a member of the board. He is an expert on ethics in the field of clinical psychology and medicine. Any study that a Professor does not supervise would be immoral and unethical. The clever girl asks a hypothetical question. She finds the answer very intriguing. It wouldn’t be unethical if the student conducted a study where her Professor was the subject.

The college coed has a plan so she could perform erotic hypnosis on her Professor. She stops by his office wearing a super tight top, without a bra. While he stares at her tits, she talks in a slow and methodical voice. She plants images in his mind forcing him to relax and fall into a hypnotic state. Once she has control of his mind, she instructs him to unzip his fly and masturbate.

His cock is big and already hard from staring at her tits. The college coed forces him to stroke for her. In a lovely voice, she tells him where to place his fingers and where to touch. He obeys, and she smiles, looking at her half-naked Professor. With each phrase, he falls deeper into a hypnotic state. She pulls out her phone and records the session as the first phase of her study.

Now the student has become the teacher.

The cunning college coed dominates his hand. Her words make him pump his dick hard until he is on the verge of cumming. He begs and moans for release. In his erotic state of hypnosis, she controls his mind. The roles have reversed. Now she is in charge. After edging him, she forces him to masturbate with slow and soft strokes. The sexy student discovers this dominance she had over her Professor addictive. The naughty college coed finally gives him permission to cum. His orgasm breaks the hypnotic spell.