Daddy thought it would be thrilling for his sexy girl to go to the Naughty Mardi Gras Party with him. It was Fat Tuesday, a night to explore forbidden, taboo sexual desires and pleasures. A night of no limits, nothing too kinky on this day devoted to decadence and hedonism.

Daddy helped his naughty southern belle get ready for the party. He supervised her grooming and picked out a slutty kitten dress with fishnets. Since he wanted her to have a bald little pussy, Daddy spread her legs and shaved her. After he wiped her clean, he used his tongue to ensure her pussy was smooth and silky. Then he zipped up her party dress and watched her put on her mask.

Daddy’s lodge held the Mardi Gras party at an old southern mansion with lots of small private rooms upstairs. There were many other naughty girls ready to be used as little playmates. All the men at the party had beads to give to the girls. If a man found a girl exceptionally pleasing, he would present that girl with beads.

It was going to be a night full of naughty fun.

Once at the party, Daddy escorted his daughter with his arm around her tiny waist. As soon as the music started, Daddy took the girl onto the dancefloor. While they danced, Daddy gazed into her blue eyes and slipped his fingers into her wet pussy. At the end of the song, Daddy kissed her and handed her off to another naughty man. That man had his hand on her tight, sexy ass. Daddy smiled and nodded to the girl. He was proud that his daughter made friends so quickly.

The man took the girl up to one of the bedrooms. He took off her dress and her silky black panties. After a beautiful kiss, he let her keep on her mask and her fishnets. Then she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. The young southern belle knows how to please a man. Amazing that a teen can suck cock with such skill. Her sparkling blue eyes looked up at him. He couldn’t hold back and fed the naughty kitten his creamy load of cum.

The man gave her beads and returned her to her Daddy.

Daddy took his daughter to the parlor. There was a group of naughty men waiting, dangling beads, begging, and pleading to be next. Daddy helped the girl onto a chaise lounge, and he licked her pussy. Then she picked the next man to fuck her. Daddy stood over and stroked himself. He watched as each man fucked his girl and then handed her beads. Finally, Daddy had her alone. Now it was naughty Daddy’s turn to fuck her cum filled pussy.

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