Many people have a difficult time understanding the ABDL fetish, but I get it. Why are we in such a hurry to grow up? Being an adult is hard! Remember, when you were little, and Mommy could make everything better. Her touch, her smile, and a hug could turn you from a sad to a happy little boy. Mommy could make you feel safe and loved. She never let you go hungry or stay messy for long.


Your Mommy did make you go to bed, but she read to you and then kissed you good night. She tucked you in under the covers with your teddy and made sure you were warm. When you faced adversity, like a boo-boo on your knee, she cleaned it up, put a band-aid on it, and then you got a kiss. Mommy was always there to change your diaper and put soothing lotion on a sore bottom. An ABDL wants to regress back to that wonderful time when there was no stress, only playtime, and a loving Mommy.

You sit on Mommy’s lap, and I read books to you. I always have your favorite snacks, cheerios and goldfish crackers, for baby’s tummy. In my kitchen, I have a high chair always ready for you. For bathtime, there are lots of bath toys, including a red boat and yellow rubber duck. So much fun being a Mommy to my sweet ABDL.


I scold you when you are naughty and soothe you when you are fussy. When you are wet or messy, Mommy changes your diaper. I have quite a collection of cute and fun diapers. If I do not have your favorites, we will have to get those for you! When Mommy places you on the changing table, you get lots of kisses and tickles to your tummy. The cool sensation of the baby wipes and baby lotion, with Mommy’s warm hands, always puts a smile on your ABDL face.

Now there are a few big baby boys who like to play with their diapers. After Mommy puts on the clean diaper, they find their pee-pees become stiff. Mommy’s roleplay baby boy whines and gets fussy. Mommy to the rescue once again! She coaches her sweetie pie and makes him give her big cummies in his diaper. ABDL roleplays are as enjoyable for me as for you.