I have always found a way to get naughty on St. Patrick’s Day. When I was a little girl, I remember sneaking extra cherry pie at the Church’s Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner. The dessert was the best part of the dinner. That might have been the same year I flashed my green panties to the boys on the school bus. In high school, we had a St. Patrick’s Day dance, and you can imagine the sexy time that I had with my date after the dance.

In college, my friends and I went to Irish bars to celebrate St. Patricks Day. Actually, it was a week-long celebration of drinking and playing pool. Each night my roommates and I would hook-up with a different guy. Every one of us naughty girls prayed to St. Patrick himself. We hoped and prayed that the hook-up guy did not have whiskey dick or the Irish curse. After all, college girls just want to have fun.

Playing pool is a naughty way to seduce a guy.

I planned to go to St. Patrick’s Day party tonight at my favorite bar in town, but they had to cancel the party. Instead, how about you and I roleplay? With all the craziness out there, tonight, you have a small gathering of friends and family. No matter what is going on in the world, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a must. For your party, I wear a naughty, sexy dress to catch your attention. You play a game of pool with my Uncle, and I stand next to the table watching with much interest. Near the end of the game, I proclaim that I play with the winner.

You sink all your balls into the pockets and win!

While you break, I whisper to my Uncle to leave the room so that I can seduce you. Once it is my turn, I lean over the table, attempting an impossible shot. Seduction is the only thing on my mind. As I lean over the table, you can see down my low-cut dress. When you see one of my nipples and my sexy blue eyes, your cock grows hard. For the next shot, I make sure that you are behind me. I lean over again so that you see my naked ass peek under my short dress. So naughty not to wear panties!

Then you get a very lucky shot and win the game, but I win too. I seduce you, and you fuck me on the pool table. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Party with me! Let’s get naughty and roleplay!

On St. Patricks Day ONLY, arrange a session and get lucky with me! If you say, “Taste the rainbow” when you order a call, the rate will be $1.75 a minute. International callers contact dispatch for your rate. Don’t be Unlucky and miss out on our naughty St. Patrick’s Day Special.