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The sexy bartender gave her rough sex in the surf after she gave him a rough time. At first, he did not like the college girl. She is a spoiled and demanding southern belle. Since all the sensible guests canceled their trips, the hotel occupancy was low. The hotel cut staff. The bartender was also responsible for serving the guests on the beach. Actually, the spoiled coed was the only one on the beach.

Rough sex on vacation with a stranger was her Goal.

Instead of obeying the rules, the college girl escaped to the beach with her Daddy’s credit card. She ignored common sense and the governor’s order to stay-at-home. Instead, she kept her Spring Break reservation. The college girl spent her days drinking cocktails alone on the beach, and seduction was on her mind. Before she left campus, she caught her boyfriend, the star quarterback having sex. She watched him having kinky, rough sex with a sorority slut. This week was about relaxing and hooking-up.

Yesterday, the spoiled coed complained that she had to walk to the bar for a cocktail. The manager decided to talk to the handsome bartender, who wanted to lose his tempter but bit his tongue. With a condensing tone, the bartender agreed to cater to the unreasonable girl. Later that night, he tossed and turned in his bed. He dreamed of giving her dirty, rough sex and fucking her hard. That might turn her from a bitch to a submissive sex kitten.

The next day, she returned to the same spot on the beach.

The bartender put an extra shot of rum in her cocktail because he wanted to have the upper hand. Since the bar was empty, it was easy for him to bring her a fresh cocktail upon her request. Once she had a couple of drinks in her, he found her charming and seductive. Also, he realized that she is stunning, with big tits, nice tight ass, and lovely long legs. He understood this girl, she was a cock tease, and rough sex would cure her of that.

When the bartender brought the horny college girl a drink, she ran her toes along the bartender’s leg. He smiled and sat on the edge of her chair. She leaned towards him to toy with him. He grabbed her wrists, and she dropped her drink the sand. Instead of screaming, she kissed him, and he grabbed her hair. Maybe she liked rough sex. He pulled into the sand. He was aggressive, but she opened her thighs.

The bartender can tame a southern belle at the beach. He tore off her bikini and squeezed her tits. As she exhaled, she let out a deep moan. He flipped her onto her stomach and fucked her pussy, pulled hair, and made her beg. While he fucked her, he talked dirty and spanked her ass. God, he wanted that perfect coed ass. After his cock slipped out of her pussy, he fucked her ass, and she screamed so loud. He gave her the rough sex he had been craving and came in her ass.