A sweet Adult Baby/Diaper Lover needs a loving mommy to look after him and teach him big boy things. Tonight, she has a special surprise for her baby boy. She invites Auntie over to help give sex lessons for a family fun roleplay. The two ladies groom the boy to get him ready for his big night! A fantastic roleplay for a two-girl call when a special boy needs some fun time, nurturing, and special family love.

After all, for a loving Mommy, love begins at home

When Auntie arrives, she finds the ABDL is getting a bath. There are lots of bubbles and toys. The bubbles tickle his nose as he waves at his Auntie. She joins the boy’s loving Mommy and helps bathe him while he plays with his red boat. Auntie giggles as she washes his hair with baby shampoo, “no more tears.” Then the two ladies scrub him until he is clean with is favorite soap, Johnson’s baby wash. Once he is all clean, Mom and Auntie swaddle him and snuggle him in a big white, fluffy towel. Both ladies love that baby scent!

The ABDL gets ready for his big night of fun!

The clean boy sits on the vanity, and the loving Mommy rubs him and pulls the towel away. Oh my, there is quite a bit of grooming to do there. The ABDL’s mom grabs her hair cutting shears and snips away at his baby locks. She uses her clippers and shaves his hair off his neck, giving him a very stylish cut. While his hair is cutting cut, Auntie takes the shaving cream and the razor. It has been ages since he called for a roleplay, so Auntie has a lot of body hair to remove between his legs. She makes him baby smooth, and he loves his new haircut!

The handsome ABDL watches the ladies get ready!

Sexy Auntie and loving Mommy touch up each other’s hair and put on sexy makeup while the naked boy watches. Now that everyone is looking hot, it is time for the sex lessons to begin. Mom and Auntie take turns kissing his mouth. Mom runs her fingers between his legs and finds his smooth and sweet. Mommy places a wet kiss between his legs, and his penis gets big and hard! The ADBL learns all about sex! There is so much to learn and enjoy! He has the two best teachers, a loving Mommy, and a seductive Auntie.