Once upon a time, there was the perfect ageplay princess. She was delightful, innocent, and sweet. All the men in the village watched her blossom, even though she was nowhere near being barely legal. Everyone loved the charming girl, except for her evil stepmother. The Wicked Queen was jealous of the young princess, so the Queen kept a close eye on the girl. The young girl had beautiful blue eyes and shiny dark hair, but the poor girl’s chest was flat, like a young boy.

The ageplay princess had tiny tits. In contrast, the Wicked Queen had big tits and loved to show them off. She wore exquisite gowns with deep-plunge necklines to draw attention to her tits. Her tits were so magnificent that she controlled and dominated the men. The devoted villagers worshipped the Queen because of her fantastic big tits.

Alas, the ageplay princess began to develop perky tits

Those budding tits became troublesome for the Wicked Queen. She locked the princess in the tower of the castle. As the girl entered puberty, her fingers were her best friend, tending to her young bald pussy. The ageplay princess did not have a mirror in her room, but she could look down and see that her tits were growing. One day they would be bigger and firmer than the Queen’s tits!

The Queen ordered that the ageplay girl get snuffed

One of the male servants took pity on the girl and let her escape the castle. She ran into the forest, but the Queen used her magic and discovered the girl’s whereabouts. With a clever disguise, the Queen forced the girl to eat a poisoned apple. The teen princess was now in a deep sleep. When she woke up, there was a dirty daddy, with an ageplay rape fantasy, on top of the girl. He liked her big firm tits on her sweet teen frame.

The Accomplice Queen gathered a group of men, but there was no Prince Charming to rescue the princess. The Wicked Queen knew the men wanted the girl. The Queen ordered the men to fuck that young ageplay pussy. Cocks were hard, and the men could not resist temptation. The dirty daddies passed her around. Not only did they pop her cherry, but the princess also got her first gangbang as the Queen watched and smiled!

A twisted, little erotic fairytale for your reading pleasure! Now that I have your cock tingling, it is time for us to create our taboo and sexy fantasy. In our next call, should I be the evil accomplice or the ageplay girl?