college coed

It is that time of year again for students to return to campus, and a College Coed needs to get a problem solved. A history class she needs is full. Her attempts to contact the History Professor over the summer went unanswered. She stops by his office on the first day of class. He does not even look up, and he states that he is not allowing for any overrides this term.

“The class if full, and that is final.”

The girl is a strategic thinker, and she carefully chose the perfect outfit, something sexy but not slutty. With the hot College Coed’s big tits, seductive smile, long legs, she never takes “no” for an answer. Her mama grew up in the south, a typical southern belle. Her daughter learned that seductive charms get a pretty girl anything she desires. The student sits in front of the Professor, and as he looks up, she uncrosses her legs.

The naughty Professor looks at the lovely College Coed in front of him and gulps. Already, he feels weak and wants to dive between her legs as his heart races and his cock swells. She leans forward so he can look down her top, and she spreads her legs so he can see her sexy panties under her short skirt. Now that she has his undivided attention, she tells him that he needs to give her an override and make room for her.

He tells the College Coed that there is limited space in the classroom

There is nothing that he can do for College Coed and says she will have to take the class next semester. She assures him that she doesn’t take up much space and giggles. Surely, he can make an exception for her. The Professor is hard and wants her to leave so he can lock the door to his office and masturbate. He tells the girl firmly that there are no open chairs in the classroom.

The clever College Coed knows what is on his mind, and she is going to get the override and take his class. The girl stands and walks over to him, puts her hand on his wrist, and whispers in his ear, “If there are no empty chairs, I will sit on your lap, Professor.” She moves her hand to his lap and feels that bulge. The Professor picks up his pen and gives her what she wants. It is going to be one hot semester for both of them! Then the seductive College Coed rewards him with the best blowjob he has ever had!