power exchange

I had a fascinating BDSM encounter the other night, and the power exchange was intense. He noticed me from across the room because he found my sexy curves and long legs captivating. I liked him looking at me, so I seduced him with my eyes, and he brought me a glass of champagne. Once we started talking, it no longer mattered who else was in the hotel’s ballroom. I found him to be a polite, charming southern gentleman. There was that magical sexual chemistry, and we only had eyes for each other.

At midnight, he invited me to his room, and I accepted his invitation. To escort me through the large crowd, he placed his hand on the small of my back and navigated me to the hallway. It was that gesture; that firm hand on my back is where the power exchange began. His inner strength allowed me to feel weak but safe. I was aroused by his dominant personality. He had intense dark eyes gazed into mine, and he tugged on my scarf, pulling me towards him. Then he kissed me as the elevator doors opened. He held me close to him once inside the elevator, marking his territory. Everyone watching knew that I was his girl, at least for that night.

A power exchange made me his sensual submissive

I shivered when the doors opened to his floor. As we walked to his room, he kissed me passionately, slipped his hand under my dress, and found me wet. He asked if I trusted him. Would I be his as he took my scarf from around my neck? Once I agreed to the power exchange, he kissed me again, and he opened the door. He unzipped my dress and took me to the bed, and he bound my hands with a scarf.

He tugged on my belly button ring and whispered in his sexy southern accent that I was a dirty girl. As if he could read my mind, he told me that I needed rough sex. After a french kiss, he kissed my neck, and then he bit my left nipple. That pleasure/pain sensation made me moan and made me so wet. He continued kissing down my stomach, but he stopped again. This time at my belly button! He grabbed hold of that gold ring with his teeth, and he tugged. It hurt but felt so good that I screamed as I had an intense orgasm. I pulled on my arms, but I couldn’t move them. He was in complete control of my body; this was a real sensual power exchange.

He smiled as he stared into my eyes. He controlled me!

Before I could recover from my orgasm, his tongue licked my clit, and his fingers ravaged my drippy wet pussy. I suspected that he took great care with my scarf and didn’t tie me as tight as he should have. With a second, even more, intense pure pleasure orgasm, I squirted all over him and broke free of my restraints. Now it was time to switch up on our power exchange and make him mine!

I flipped onto my stomach and arched my back. With my pussy out of my new lover’s reach, I had control. My ass rubbed against his face, and I forced him to kiss my ass. He didn’t hesitate for a second. His lips and tongue pleasure my ass cheeks and found their way between my cheeks. I looked back at him, and he loved the new power exchange. My face showed him that I was in charge, and he did my bidding and made me cum so many times I lost count.