When we share a fantasy, it is so fun to be a young ageplay princess. Your special girl that is sweet, alluring, and seductive. I don’t always have to be a Daddy’s girl. What if I do not have a Daddy, but Mommy has a new boyfriend? With virtual learning, I could be a naughty schoolgirl anywhere. If her new boyfriend rented a vacation house in Florida, he would have to take me too. Spending time with me in the pool just might be the best part of the trip.

The night we arrive, I am in agony! I listen to him fucking Mommy because she is very loud. As I lay in the bed, I finger my ageplay virgin pussy, and I let out a tiny moan. Her boyfriend must have a freakish big cock to make her laugh, moan, cry and scream, all that the same time when she cums. They fuck in the bed and the balcony in the middle of the night. In the morning, I catch a glimpse of him naked in the hallway. He smiles at me as he closes the bathroom door. Mommy joins him, and I suspect they fuck in the shower.

I put milk on my cereal and head out to the backyard. There is a fantastic pool, so I sit and eat my breakfast alone. The water is warm and inviting, and I get into the pool, breaking one of the rules. A little ageplay girl should not swim alone, but why should the big people get to have all the fun? It is my vacation too! Once in the pool, I swim and play in the water. I make up a little game. I throw my spoon into the water and then dive down to retrieve it, but that gets boring quickly.

Nothing more tempting than a wet, sexy ageplay fantasy

The morning sun sparkles on the water, and I pretend that I am a mermaid. I glide, swimming underwater without making any splashes. As Mommy’s boyfriend opened the sliding door, I am underwater, so I do not hear him. When I pop up at the edge of the pool, he is standing there. Instead of him making me get out of the pool, he sits at the water’s edge. Immediately, I think of a new game; one that is easy for me to win. My seduction game has no rules. I show him my hard nipples and wet body. I win by making him hard for me instead of Mommy. He cannot resist temptation and fucks me, a perfect ageplay fantasy for us to share.