Naughty Nanny

A single Daddy hires a Naughty Nanny who grew up as a network girl. Professional trainers groomed her to be sweet, submissive, and eager to please. She was the favorite ageplay kitten for the sexiest Daddies in town. Now that she is legal, it is time for her to find a career, sharing her unique skills and grooming new little kittens. A Daddy is desperate and hires the girl to be a Nanny for his unruly, disobedient, and bratty girls.

Daddy has the most taboo desires to turn his daughters into his living sex dolls. When the Nanny arrives, the naughty girls give her a difficult time. They greet the Nanny by playing practical jokes on her. Instead of punishing the sisters, she takes them up to their playroom. Nanny lifts her dress in front of them. She places a pink vibrator between her legs under her panties. The girls sit still and watch their new Nanny have an orgasm in front of them. The girls are most curious. Nanny has a little toy for each of them, but she gives to them after they promise to be good girls.

The Naughty Nanny trains the girls to love orgasms.

Daddy’s girls are so beautiful but were continually misbehaving. He found it impossible to punish or train them. Now that Nanny has arrived, she begins to mold them. Their wardrobe changes, and the sisters dress sexy, like their Nanny. The naughty girls wear short skirts, booty shorts, little belly buttons showing, and silky panties. Daddy’s desires grow.

One night, Daddy had an incredibly long day at his office. When he finally arrives home, Nanny is overseeing the two girls in the tub taking a bubble bath. It is a beautiful erotic scene. Instead of warming up his dinner, Daddy heads to his bedroom to jack off. Naughty Nanny makes tonight that most memorable night for this loving little family.

After all, love begins at home!

Nanny wraps the two sisters in white towels, and the three of them walk into Daddy’s bedroom. He scolds them for not knocking and hides his cock under a pillow. Naughty Nanny pulls the towels off the girls and sets them on the bed. “Time to play with Daddy, girls.” He is speechless, but the curious girls wrap their hands and then kiss his cock. Nanny has been training the girls for this night.

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