naughty neighbors

Two naughty neighbors share an erotic encounter on a steamy, summer day. I finished laundry and put my lingerie away in the drawer, and hung up a sundress that I had pulled from the dryer. As I walked past my bedroom window, I noticed that the man who lives behind me was working in his garden. He stood up and wiped the sweat off his face. That sexy married man had my undivided attention. My memory relived a forbidden kiss we shared once, but his wife’s footsteps interrupted us.

A naughty memory led to seduction in his garden

I slipped into my pale pink sundress with tiny blue flowers. Standing in front of the mirror, I applied a pretty shade of lipstick. My heart is racing as I run down the stairs, pick up two beers from my fridge, and head out the back door. The door slams hard behind me, and my naughty neighbor waves to me and waits for me to approach him. I hand him a bottle, and he takes a big drink to quench his thirst. Can he read my mind? He lets me know that his wife will not return home until later that evening.

The naughty neighbor shows me around the garden and offers me tomatoes and zucchini. I hike up my sundress and carry the freshly picked produce in the bottom half of my dress. He comments on my sexy, long legs, and I thank him and blush. I pray to the heavens above that he wants to fuck me as much as I want him! The sexual tension broke when he touched my face and kissed me. The long, passionate kiss made me weak and naughty, and I dropped the vegetables. I wrapped my arms around him, and our hot bodies craved sex.

He carried me in his arms to the edge of the garden.

My neighbor talked dirty to me and untied the straps over my shoulders. The dress fell to the ground. As I stepped out of the dress, he swept me off my feet again. I needed release! He was on top of me on the soft grass under me. I begged him to fuck me, and he took off his shirt while I unzipped his pants. Then he fed me his thick, beautiful cock and admired my sexy pastel lingerie. He sucked on my naughty nipples through the thin bra and pushed my panties aside. I moaned as his cock thrust hard into my pussy. It was the perfect summer afternoon.

Want to be my naughty neighbor, and we create our perfect erotic encounter?