southern belle

A modern-day southern belle meets her prince in a chatroom. Soon they develop great sexual chemistry and enjoy the most intense phone sex. What would happen if they actually met? It would be a very awkward first encounter for most couples, but not for this sexy couple. They have only seen photos of each other, but she loves his sexy cock. He likes her big tits, round ass, and adores her little hairy bush. When they finally look into each other’s eyes, there are fireworks and multiple orgasms.

Where should they meet for the first time? Since Miami is the most exotic vacation destination in the states, they plan a trip. They book a room with a balcony at the Fountainbleau. He offers separate rooms; after all, she is a southern belle. She dismisses that idea and says there is no need for two rooms. This is no time to play a demure and shy princess. With their strong mutual desires for each other, she wants to spend every minute possible with him.

The southern belle arrives first to the famous old hotel.

The girl explains to the man at the front desk how this such a special romantic encounter. He sees her passion and enthusiasm, so he upgrades their room to a junior suite with a view of the ocean. The girl loves the room, but she needs to get ready. She takes a bath in the big tub, does her hair and makeup. While drying her hair, she stares at her perfect apple-shaped tits and decides not to wear a bra. Must be the ocean breeze and the carnal nature of Miami, very unlike a southern belle, to choose not to wear a bra. Since he will be here soon, she hurries into a sexy new thong and a sex floral strapless dress.

She waits for him on the balcony in the sunshine, overlooking the ocean. There is a text from him. Her online lover has arrived and her heart races! The door opens and her online lover walks out to the balcony. With only a few simple words between them, they embrace and kiss, hot open-mouth kissing. The sexy horny southern belle waited a long time for this moment. Every email, text, and phone call was foreplay. Now, for our sexy couple, it is time to fuck. She turns her back to him, pulls her hair to the side, and he slowly unzips her strapless dress.

Now it is her turn! She faces him, looks into his eyes

Although her eyes are stunning, her big tits hypnotize him. The southern belle’s fingers run along his zipper, and she unzips his pants. Her hand wraps around his hard cock. With a sexy grin on her face, the girl drops to her knees and sucks his cock. The hot guy moans as she gives him the most erotic and sensual blowjob. The southern belle does this indescribable thing with her tongue, and he needs to cum. He has to push her away, so he doesn’t squirt in her mouth. A gentleman always makes sure the lady cums first. He takes her to one of the lounge chairs. After he pulls down her panties, his tongue pleasures her until she cums in his mouth. They fuck all over that balcony, the bed, the desk, the sofa, and the shower. It was an unforgettable encounter for the amazing, sexy couple!