sex Fantasy: So Many Cocks On Christmas

sex fantasy

The holidays bring out the most taboo thoughts, even a dirty, naughty sex fantasy. A barely legal southern belle’s open-minded family plans a reunion to their beach house on the coast. The family has a tradition for their girls when they turn eighteen. After all, love begins at home. The family tradition is for a young girl to remain a virgin until her Daddy says it is time. Then the family gathers together for a “coming-of-age party.”


No Limits To My Wicked Imagination

no limits

I grew up in a household with strict routines, and reading before bedtime was a ritual. In telling a story or fantasy, for an author, there are no limits. Creating anything is possible is if you have a fantastic imagination. Once I moved away from the children’s section at the library, I discovered romance novels. I couldn’t get enough of them; the books contained erotic tales of dark fantasies set in foreign lands. A handsome dark knight rescues the beautiful princess held by the lord on the manor. Betrayal, lust, sex, and revenge filled my mind as I hung on every word of the page.


Naughty Fucking In Front of Fireplace


Last night, it was very windy and stormy, and the power went out. Before the electricity went off, my boyfriend was watching a football game. The last thing that was on his mind was hot, naughty sex. Now, he was on his phone, checking the score and burning up his data plan. Without heat, I became very cold. I mentioned that I was going to change into put on yoga pants and a sweatshirt.


Seduction Leads To Anal Stretching


He thought I was too sweet for domination phone sex, but seduction got him naked. It was not difficult to persuade him. The guy admitted in chat that he needed a cum, but he was looking for an experienced Mistress. I charmed him, and he couldn’t resist my sexy big tits, so he called me. While I took his information, I talked sweetly, but I ordered him to take his hand off his dick until I set up the call. I had aroused him and let him know who was in control.