A sweet but quiet girl made a romantic dinner for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. For dessert, she made a decadent, dark chocolate cake with vanilla whipped cream frosting. Then she decorated the cake with fresh strawberries. Of course, everything took longer to prepare than she expected, so she was running late. The pretty girlfriend was taking a shower when her boyfriend arrived.

The relationship had hit a speed bump.

The boyfriend had become bored with just plain vanilla sex. He planned to break up with his girlfriend, but it was Valentine’s Day, and she did have big tits. He planned to suffer through the date, and any sex was better than no sex. As he stood in the kitchen, he felt a little guilty. Obviously, with all the dishes in the sink, the girl went to a lot of trouble for dinner. While she was drying her hair, he wanted a beer. In the fridge, he noticed the beautiful cake and a bowl of leftover frosting.

She walked in and caught him licking vanilla frosting off his fingers.

The boyfriend rubbed frosting on her lips and kissed her. Well, one thing led to another. The girl revealed that she had a naughty side. After undressing, they giggled and smeared the frosting on each other’s naked bodies. He put frosting on her nipples, intending to lick it off later. She gave him a dirty handjob with frosting. Her hand made him hard, so she got down on her knees. The quiet girl was not so vanilla after all. First, she seductively licked off the sweet frosting and precum, and then she sucked his cock. Those blue eyes of hers looking up at him was fantastically sexy! It was the hottest blowjob he ever had. Then she put frosting all over his balls and crack of his ass. She licked there too. He couldn’t believe she gave him a rim job and tongue fucked his ass.

No more vanilla sex for this naughty couple!

Looking at her naked body decorated with white frosting, his cock craved to fuck her hard. He grabbed kitchen towels and took her to the kitchen table. She was on her back, and he tied her wrists over her head and tied her ankles to the table legs. As he tied the knots, the naughty girl began to talk dirty. She begged him to fuck her like a dirty whore. The girlfriend’s tits, ass, pussy, and mouth were his. He dominated her! Time to get wild, hot, and kinky with his sweet and not so vanilla girlfriend. Happy Valentine’s Day!