Naughty man

A very naughty man moves into a new apartment building. He is a writer of erotica with a filthy mind and especially enjoys ageplay fantasies. He set up his home office with his writing table next to the window that gets a decent amount of light first thing in the morning. Today he is suffering from writer’s block, and his mind wanders all over the place. As he drinks his morning coffee, he looks out the window. In the building next door, a Mother opens the blinds in her daughter’s room.

The Naughty Man smiles at the literary reference to A room with a view.

The voyeuristic writer spies on the kitten playing in her bedroom. He watches the girl play doctor with her dolls. As the girl sits on the floor, her legs are open, and he can see the white cotton panties under her play dress. The girl undresses her doll and rubs her fingers, exploring the naughty body parts on her doll. Then the writer fantasizes about her Mommy’s fingers touching the girl that way. The writer furiously types out a very taboo fantasy on his laptop as he watches the girl play.

The very next day, the writer sleeps late and does not touch his laptop until the afternoon. The blinds are open, but the room is dark next door. Then he realizes that the girl is taking a nap which frustrates the writer, so he watches porn and masturbates. Finally, she wakes from her nap. The naughty girl wears only her panties as she gets out of her bed. Then she hops on her rocking horse and rides it back and forth. As she rides her horsey harder, the dirty man next door strokes harder until he squirts all over himself.

The writer becomes overwhelmed with too many vivid ageplay fantasies.

The man needs a break, so he goes to a local bar and drinks bourbon. The writer makes notes on the napkin, sorting through his ideas for erotic short stories. The alcohol washes away his anxiety, and very taboo fantasies fill his mind. As much as the naughty man wants to fuck the coed bartender, he needs to get back to work. He orders a burger and fries to take home.

As he devours his dinner, he sees the pretty neighbor girl standing in the window, or is it a dream? Is he really seeing a kitten dressed in black lingerie, stockings, panties, and bra? The horny man unzips his pants and watches the girl’s bedroom door open. The dirty Mother walks into the room with a creepy-looking man behind her. In the writer’s fantasy, a transaction occurs even more taboo than anything he has ever read. The guest touches the girl, kisses her, and gives cash to the Mom. The writer realizes that the naughty Mother is pimping out her ageplay daughter.