He is swamped at work, so he keeps declining my offers for a date. I show up at his office at dinner time. Of course, he is still working. With seduction on my mind, I insist that he takes a break. There is a beautiful city park next to his office building, and I am holding a picnic basket and a blanket. My long legs in a short skirt and my big tits in a tight top are appealing, but there is that report due at the end of the week.

Let go and be open to tempting seduction

I take the older man by the hand and refuse to take no for an answer. After using seduction and a little sexual manipulation, he holds my hand as we walk to the park. I mislead him into thinking dinner in the park is the only thing on my mind. He justifies that a quick break, dinner in the park, instead of ordering in again would be good. My sexy work-alcoholic has no idea how naughty and tempting that I can get!

I take him to a secluded spot in the park, far enough from onlookers. Then he helps me spread out the blanket, and I tell him to get cozy with me. We share an intimate, gourmet picnic dinner while I tease and tempt him. I bend over and pull out his favorite treats from the basket. He loves my ass and caresses my cheeks. Flashing my panties is seduction, and I see him tug at the front of his pants.

Once we are on the blanket together, he is in a rush to get back to the office. Distraction and seduction as my bare leg rub against his. I unbutton his shirt slowly and kiss down his chest and stomach. While unbuckling his belt, I don’t stop when he insists that he doesn’t have time for this nonsense. Piles of work are waiting for him on his desk. I remain silent and don’t stop until I unzip his pants.

Time to work up his appetite for naughty sex with me!

A hot seductive girl always gets her man! I take off my top, and his eyes become glued to my hard nipples and perfect round tits. I guide his mouth to my chest, and he moans. As he sucks on my nipple, my hand grabs his cock. He tries to pull away because it will be dark, illegal to be in the park after dark. We could get arrested for indecent exposure, lewd acts, and so much more. He still has that report on his mind. Then my mouth soothes him, seduces him as I give him a blowjob in the park after sunset.

Seduction and Temptation, he forgets about everything, and we are both naked. Hot sex in the park, with amazing orgasms Spring is an excellent time for public, outside sex! Let’s set up a call and have a steamy roleplay fantasy!