A resourceful, sexy college girl has been your intern for a couple of months now. January and February were rough winter months this year. With record low temps, biting wind chills, and her body hidden in sweaters, seduction was the last thing on your mind. Now it is March! As the temperatures go up, her hemlines do as well. You notice her sexy legs first. Then blouses replace her bulky warm sweaters. Her cute curves emerge, and you are a man that appreciates firm, big tits.

As she settles into the job, her shyness slowly disappears. Her wardrobe is not the only change. Is seduction her intent with her intent despite the strict corporate policies? This is not the “Mad Man” era of the past where every executive bangs his secretary at work. The college girl is forbidden fruit but so tempting. The seductive intern stays late, hangs on your every word, and brings you coffee. When she does the filing, her ass looks sexy, and she becomes your favorite fantasy. The intern looks for every opportunity to bend over your desk and brush up against you.

Now that she has your attention, seduction makes you ignore the rules

You would never have an office affair until she comes to your office. With a vibrant glow on her face, she presents the big project that you assigned her. You find her work impressive, but that blouse she is wearing shows off her sexy big tits. Staring at her chest makes your cock twitch, and it is difficult to find the words to praise her work. Then you look into her eyes and realize she only has seduction on her mind.

Your seductive intern confesses she has a thing for older men.

You surrender to your lustful urges when she unbuttons her blouse and unzips your pants. Without saying another word, your naughty intern drops to her knees and takes your cock between her lips. You grab her hair, and she takes every inch of your mouth. As you moan loudly, she looks up at you. Seduction and foreplay are over! You need to bend your intern over your desk and give her the rough fuck she craves.