spring break

Daddy took his fantasy, barely legal daughter away for Spring Break. Due to Covid, he rented a small house near the beach instead of renting a beach condo. The house had an excellent grill for bbq and a pool in the backyard. Drinking cocktails and watching his girl in her bikini in private sounded perfect! He thought he had planned for everything. It turned out that the weather was less than cooperative. Many storms, even a tornado warning, kept them inside.

This year was the family’s first Spring Break without Mommy.

Daddy watched college ball, and his girl sat in his lap, playing on her phone one rainy afternoon. After a thunderstorm, Daddy and daughter went for a walk on the beach. The waves were strong, and the sky was gray, but the girl found it beautiful. Daddy found his daughter’s optimism refreshing. Most barely legal girls would be complaining about not getting a tan on Spring Break. He hugged his cheerful, happy daughter. She looked so beautiful in her striped dress and with the wind blowing her hair.

While they walked on the beach, she picked up shells.

Daddy realized how excited he got watching her dress ride up in the back. With a sweet smile and pretty blue eyes looking up at him, the daughter reached out and grabbed his hand. Then she let go to grab another shell from the sand. As she showed him her treasure, he brushed the hair from her face. Thunder crackled, and they looked at each other. Another storm was rolling in, but they did not let it spoil their Spring Break.

They got off the beach and were now close to Daddy’s car. The wind blew up her dress as she ran in front of him. He grabbed her by her waist and asked her to bend over. Deviant Daddy ripped off her panties and unzipped his pants when he saw her pink pussy. The fantasy Daddy can no longer control his taboo, dirty desires and fucked his girl on Spring Break!