Doggy Style Best Sex for Baseball Babe

doggy style

Rough sex and baseball might seem like an odd combination, but my panties get very wet when the bases are loaded. With a horny babe like me, doggy style is a great way to fuck me bareback! It is super exciting to be watching baseball again. For the game, I wore my very tight Cubs T-shirt and red shorts. After I turned on my boyfriends’ big screen tv, he brought me a beer from the fridge. Then he sat down on the sofa, and I put my head in his lap. As we talked baseball and pitching strategy, his fingers played with my ponytail.


College Coed Makes Professor Cheat

college coed

A seductive college coed has an interesting major, Marine Biology. This semester she is out in the field working with her handsome Professor on a research project. She doesn’t spend much time in the library or a boring classroom. Definitely, not a glamourous lifestyle. The pair is currently studying the mating habits of turtles along a rocky shoreline.