Dirty Dancing Auntie Corrupts Him


Mom sends you to stay with your Auntie for the summer. She is a rocker chick in Nashville, a regular on the music scene. By all definitions, a bad girl, but your Mom has no idea what your aunt does! She spends her nights dirty dancing, drinking, and partying with hot guys! She dresses like a slut and wears a ton of makeup. She is the polar opposite of your perfect, boring, conservative Mom.


Abduction Fantasy on Family camping trip

abduction fantasy

Fortunately, this Father’s Day weekend, the campground will be full of very young girls. It is the perfect setting for an abduction fantasy. A beautiful daughter suggested that Daddy take her camping to celebrate Father’s Day. He selected a campground that is quite isolated from any town. Daddy packed the camping and fishing gear while she packed her bikini and sexy shorts. The daughter made sure that her Daddy had a very naughty weekend!


Cuckold Husband Gets a Big Mouthful


I wasn’t sure what to blog bout until I talked to a cuckold this afternoon. He told me some truths about his hot sexy naughty wife. She loves to fuck other men with very big cocks. She is a total size queen and a very loud cummer. Admittedly, he has tasted another man’s cum after that man fuck his wife, and it didn’t taste bad. My mind was racing with so many naughty and kinky thoughts for a memorable fantasy for him.