Voyeuristic Fetish: Watch Me fucking Him


Lucky for you that my boyfriend has a voyeuristic fetish. He took me away for a couple of days to a spa resort. We have been going out for a while now. Yesterday, after a couples massage and then a romantic dinner with too much wine, we had a kinky conversation instead of hot sex. We confessed our wildest fantasies, and he told me that he wanted to watch me fuck another guy. Turning him into a cuckold was never my plan, but everyone should get what they want once in a while!


Rough Sex Under the Fireworks

rough sex

A broken-hearted hot babe hangs with her friends at the town’s Fourth of July Celebration. Last night the girl walked in and caught her boyfriend having rough sex with the town whore. Secretly, the girlfriend always wanted him to fuck her like that. Banging her as hard as he can for as long as he can. Making her scream so loud, the neighbors complain and pound on the apartment wall. She grabbed her bag and spent the night alone in her apartment. The first night she slept alone in months, but this hot babe won’t be alone for long!