family fun

After all, love begins at home, so how about a family fun fantasy for us to share? My ageplay fantasy teen body tingles head to toe when my older brother is around. My teen girl hormones kick into overdrive as I watch my brother shoot hoops on the family driveway. He has a girlfriend, but she is flat-chested. As I watch him make another lay-up, I run my hands over my hard nipples. I fantasize that my brother secretly craves my big tits over his girlfriend.

Family Fun Fantasies Are So Wild, Kinky, and Taboo

I watch him make his last shot, and he walks to the street to put the car back in the driveway. A sexy plan pops into my head, so I rush to the bathroom and tear off my clothes. Knowing that my brother will want to take a shower, I hop in first but leave the bathroom door open. If my plan of seduction is successful, he will join me for some steamy, wet family fun.

My older brother is furious and storms into the bathroom. He angrily asks why I am taking a shower now instead of earlier. I know he can see me through the glass door. I smile and turn my back to him, and I take the soapy sponge and wash my sexy ass. Then I turn to him and look right into his eyes as I wash my big boobs as he is still yelling at me. I continue to give him a sexy look with my blue eyes and put the sponge between my legs. I ask him if he would like to wash my back and have some family fun. At first, he is silent, staring at me, rubbing the soapy sponge against my pussy. I tease him with the offer of a blowjob in the shower.

Seducing my brother is a very hot and naughty little fantasy!

He calls me a tempting little slut as he takes off his clothes and joins me in the shower. He towers over me, and sexually frustrated, full of lust, he grabs my tits and turns me around. The water from the shower pounds down hard on both of our naked bodies. He fucks me hard and whispers how dirty it is to be fucking his sister. I moan and beg for him to fuck me harder. A naughty, ageplay sister makes him cheat on his girlfriend and surrender to his carnal family fun desires.