Halloween is the best time of the year for dark, taboo fantasies! Soon there will be little goblins and kittens knocking on your door, yelling Trick or Treat. As you hand them candy, are you craving decadent treats and sweet coed kittens dressed up just for you? I think you are the one who deserves a special treat this year for Halloween!

How about a naughty roleplay where you are the Head Judge for the underground network costume contest? All the dirty moms have dressed their young girls to look either super innocent and cute or very seductive and slutty. The fantasy mommies have coached their precious well-trained coed girls to do anything to please the Head Judge. The kinky moms and their daughters are eager to win the costume contest.

The prize for the best costume is a trip to the hottest coed club in Vegas.

On Halloween, as soon as it gets dark, the moms oversee the last-minute details. Mothers apply lipstick, pinch nipples to make them pointy, put ribbons in their hair, and remind their daughters to smile. There is so much excitement as the music plays and the coed costume contest begins. The competition is tough, and it won’t be easy to select only one winner. Your two hot companions, the other judges, escort you to the stage. One of them introduces you to the crowd, and everyone claps as you sit in your big comfortable chair. Then the two sexy ladies sit next to you.

Your head is swimming with all the lovely young girls smiling and flirting with you as they take their turn to walk past you and the other two judges. There are so many pretty legs that show off that sexy thigh gap. Precious flat chests and tiny waists on the coed fantasy girls excite and arouse you.

So hard to pick a winner of the costume contest!

Tonight Cinderella was one of your favorites. Her hypnotic eyes and ruby red lips truly made your cock tingle, but the hem of her dress was too long, hiding her legs. That hot little babe dressed as slutty police officer caught your eye. Those fishnets on her slender coed legs and tight booty shorts made your heart race, but the mirrored glasses hid her eyes. You have a taste for something sweeter tonight.

The sexy judges remind you of that special, cute witch, shy and sweet. Her costume was so short that you could see her silky, tiny panties. Those dark, innocent submissive eyes stared at your big bulge between your legs. She blew you a kiss as you stood in front of you. That mouth and her tiny perfect body get her an invitation from you. If she spreads her legs and her mouth is skillful, you will name her the winner of the coed Halloween Contest.