He hired his new office assistant even though she has a bit of a naughty side. During the interview, he found her a bit of a distraction. The blouse she wore hugged tightly against her big tits. Although she wore a bra, her nipples poked into the fabric. He hesitated to offer her the position, but her sharp mind, references, and long legs made her irresistible.

Lust and temptation made him weak after a long day.

Late nights allow for private, naughty encounters and office affairs. Being the boss has its perks, but he had no dirty intentions of fucking his assistant. It just happened one night! He scheduled the annual budget meeting in the big conference room after regular business hours. It was going to be a long night! Her boss and the other managers needed to make tough decisions.

Everyone sat down at the long conference room table, and the sexy secretary sat directly across from her boss. She had touched up her make-up for the late meeting and looked hot. Was she indeed that naughty and seductive? Had she unbuttoned one extra button on her blouse to distract his focus on purpose? He watched her take copious notes, and she kept the discussion flowing and on track.

Finally, the managers came to a consensus on a new budget, and everyone was ready to go home. The naughty secretary lingered as she gathered her papers. Then she stood up and turned around. Her boss saw from behind in her short skirt and shiny black boots. His lustful desires only grew when she turned her head over her shoulder.

There was such a naughty smile on her face.

Her hips and legs were even hotter in her sexy boots, so he grabbed her and kissed her hungry mouth. His raging hard cock needed some attention. That tight young ass of hers rubbed up against him. He moaned, and he almost came in his pants! The boss ignored all the company rules about having sex with employees, and he talked dirty to her. She begged him to fuck her. She moaned that she was wet and not wearing panties. He had to have her now! He bent the naughty secretary over the conference room table and fucked her.