Dirty Mother is Naughty companion

dirty mother

There is nothing more taboo than a dirty mother as an companion during the Christmas season. An erotic fantasy where the woman wants men to use her daughter’s extremely tight slit. The hot young Mom wants to watch a big cock deep between those tiny legs. Hearing the girl’s squeals, moans and screams arouse Mommy. Nothing makes her so wet as tempting a man and making him fuck her daughter.


Naughty family fun Holiday Sweet treats

barely legal

A naughty, barely legal girl wanted to make sweet treats and surprise her family. Mommy was at work, and the girl was alone in the house. She dusted off the old cookbook and found the recipe for gingerbread men and frosted cut-outs. As she pulled out the flour and the sugar, she remembered eating cookies naked under the tree. There is quality family fun time with Daddy and her Uncles every year on Christmas night.