spring break

Are you not traveling this year for Spring Break? How about you play a naughty round of golf in a wild, steamy phone sex fantasy with your girlfriend? You might have to give me some pointers as we tee off. I have not played for a while, so I am very rusty. As you put your hands on my hips, I rub against you. Make my frame perfect as you have me widen my stance. I feel your cock getting hard. We are going to have the best round of golf!

A Steamy Encounter is a Must for Spring Break!

The sun is shining, and things are heating up for us! We are on the back nine with no one around us. I see you sweating a little, and I get a wicked idea. As my golf game improves, I get cocky. I suggest that we make things interesting. No, I don’t want to play for money. Spring Break is time for exhibitionists to play games, so I propose that we play Strip Golf!

You find my game intriguing and exciting. After we both sink our putts at each hole, the person with the higher score has to shed an article of clothing. You are wiser than me and remind me that the staff will ban us from the course if we get caught breaking the dress code. I tease you about your long shaft and remind you that it is Spring Break. I entice you into my naughty game with a quick flash of my big tits.

You say, let’s the games begin, and accept my challenge.

You even spot me by taking off your golf shirt to give me an advantage. After the next two holes, off comes my skirt and my top. It is hard for you to concentrate as I play in my matching yellow bra and panties. I chose to wear such a pretty pastel color to celebrate Spring Break! Then, the table turns as you run into a bit of bad luck on the green, and you score higher than me on the next hole. Off come your pants! Your cock is rock hard in your underwear!

Do you or I lose the next article of clothing? The game is getting steamy out here on the course! Where does our golf game go from there? Do we get naked and naughty at the ball washer or step away into the woods? Limitless happy endings for us during our Spring Break Golf Outing!