A temptress like no other…

Let me invite you to my erotic playground full of provocative and tantalizing treats. You will find me as charming as any southern belle, but I am also lusty and kinky. I am sugary sweet, but also hot and spicy. My parents raised me to be gracious, loving, and thoughtful, and after all, love begins at home. My parents and teachers considered me to be a good girl. My smile would light up a room, especially for Daddy, who spoiled me.

After working hard, sitting on his lap was the best part of his day. I was always a Daddy’s girl. I wore pretty dresses, and Mommy put ribbons in my hair for church on Sundays. After Church, I would play outside. Doing twirls and showing off my little white cotton panties made all the men smile. When I got dizzy, I would fall to the grass, but Daddy would scoop me up in his arms so my dress wouldn’t get dirty. He always looked out for me. Daddy would make me pancakes on Saturday mornings. He would top with honey instead of syrup, and he gave me the nickname of “honey girl.”

Although most of the time I was good, there was a secret naughty girl inside me. Being curious about sex at an early age, I got caught playing doctor with the boy next door. I knew where my Uncle kept his Playboys, and I would look at the naked, pretty ladies. Also, there was a strip club on the edge of town. When Daddy drove by, I pictured sexy ladies dancing and men watching, lusting in the audience. In the basement of our home, I would dance and grind my tiny hips against a support beam to feel a tingle between my legs. I liked that feeling.

As a teen, I read and masturbated to trashy romance novels. I gravitated to books written by southern authors. Their adventures and sexual conquests were thrilling and captivating. Descriptions of beads of sweat between her breasts, and of his thick shaft thrusting into her made me wet. My continued passion for erotica explains why my roleplays are inventive. My words make pictures in the mind of my caller. Creative roleplays and details stimulate the senses. My favorite calls are those where I can create an outlandish sexual fantasy for us to share.

Playing with pantyboys is amusing to me. There is nothing sexier than a pair of little lace panties. My stepbrother was a panty thief. When I was missing panties, I found them hidden in his room, but I realized I could have fun teasing and torturing him. He had to do whatever I asked. I can be a bit wicked! One time, my best friend and I made him dress up in Mom’s dress and my panties. He got hard and came in my panties, even though it was the most embarrassing situation for him. Experiencing joy and humiliation at the same time is a rare combination of emotions. Playing dress-up games with pantyboys is a pleasurable session for both of us to enjoy.

Listening to a man masturbate with me is an honor that I don’t take lightly. We share an intimate moment together. Mutual masturbation, edging, and guided masturbation are simple, joyful sexual pleasures. Dominating with a strap-on and cuckolding fantasies are empowering and exhilarating to me.

I am as sweet as honey, slowly down to your lips.

Don’t you get more flies with honey than with vinegar? Now unzip your fly for me, and confess your deepest sexual fantasies and desires. I want to hear no matter how naughty, perverse, or twisted. Call me for Seduction, Roleplaying, companion, Sensual Domination, Fetishes, and Fantasies. I want you to have the most intense orgasms as we explore your kinky desires.

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Sexy Chelsea

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