Naughty Secretary’s Short Skirt and Boots

He hired his new office assistant even though she has a bit of a naughty side. During the interview, he found her a bit of a distraction. The blouse she wore hugged tightly against her big tits. Although she wore a bra, her nipples poked into the fabric. He hesitated to offer her the position, but her sharp mind, references, and long legs made her irresistible.

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Cuckold Made It A Dirty Threesome


When I met this hot guy at the bar, I knew it was time to turn my boyfriend into my submissive cuckold. The night ended in a very naughty, sexy threesome. The other night, I begged my boyfriend to take me out, but he wanted to stay home. He wanted to watch the White Sox vs. Astros, but I wanted to go for cocktails. I teased him and got his cock tingly. I promised that I would dress sexy and that I would be the hottest babe in the bar.

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family Fun: Home of Brotherly Lust

family fun

After all, love begins at home, so how about a family fun fantasy for us to share? My ageplay fantasy teen body tingles head to toe when my older brother is around. My teen girl hormones kick into overdrive as I watch my brother shoot hoops on the family driveway. He has a girlfriend, but she is flat-chested. As I watch him make another lay-up, I run my hands over my hard nipples. I fantasize that my brother secretly craves my big tits over his girlfriend.

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Voyeuristic Fetish: Watch Me fucking Him


Lucky for you that my boyfriend has a voyeuristic fetish. He took me away for a couple of days to a spa resort. We have been going out for a while now. Yesterday, after a couples massage and then a romantic dinner with too much wine, we had a kinky conversation instead of hot sex. We confessed our wildest fantasies, and he told me that he wanted to watch me fuck another guy. Turning him into a cuckold was never my plan, but everyone should get what they want once in a while!

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