Daddy’s girl Fantasy is naughty

daddy's girl

A Daddy’s girl fantasy can be so sweet and taboo at the same time. I thought of a hot roleplay to share. A family goes away for a three-day weekend, a trip to a mountain cabin to celebrate spring. There are gorgeous wildflowers in bloom, a beautiful creek, and clean air. During the day, the family goes on long hikes, and at night, they read in front of the fireplace. When it is time for lights out, Daddy tickles his barely legal daughter and reminds her it is late.


Story Telling: Daddy Seduces With Erotic Tale


Once upon a time, a spoiled Daddy’s girl never wanted to go to bed. Her Daddy found story telling, always with a captivating tale, the best way to get his girl into bed. She is a lovely girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes. As Daddy and the girl lay in the bed, he pets her hair and she stares into his eyes. To the girl, no one in the world tells more exciting bedtime stories than her Daddy.


Blowjob Makes Daddy Cum Hard


Sometimes a Fantasy Daddy wants a simple but sexy blowjob from his darling ageplay girl. He watches her play on the floor. The adorable girl’s yellow floral dress rides up, showing off her little bum. When horny Daddy sees her cute white panties between her legs, he gets an erection. She is babbling something to him, but poor Daddy is unable to focus and listen. His hard cock needs relief, and he relies on his princess to take care of all the creamy white cum.