No Limits To My Wicked Imagination

no limits

I grew up in a household with strict routines, and reading before bedtime was a ritual. In telling a story or fantasy, for an author, there are no limits. Creating anything is possible is if you have a fantastic imagination. Once I moved away from the children’s section at the library, I discovered romance novels. I couldn’t get enough of them; the books contained erotic tales of dark fantasies set in foreign lands. A handsome dark knight rescues the beautiful princess held by the lord on the manor. Betrayal, lust, sex, and revenge filled my mind as I hung on every word of the page.



abduction fantasy

Good things come to those who wait, and that is the key to stalking your prey in an abduction fantasy. When darkness sets in, you and I sit in your car outside a dance studio. If we are patient, I will find you the perfect new little plaything. I seek a long-haired blonde with blue eyes, with a lot of energy. Our fantasy coed girl is a precious little thing, petite and sweet. It seems like we have been waiting forever, sitting in the dark car, with nothing to do. Since you are cold and hungry, you want to go home, but I remind you of the prize and beg you to wait a little longer.