Incest Fantasy: So Many Cocks On Christmas

incest fantasy

The holidays bring out the most taboo thoughts, even a dirty, naughty incest fantasy. A barely legal southern belle’s open-minded family plans a reunion to their beach house on the coast. The family has a tradition for their girls when they turn eighteen. After all, love begins at home. The family tradition is for a young girl to remain a virgin until her Daddy says it is time. Then the family gathers together for a “coming-of-age party.”



Family fun fantasies are so fun to explore during the holiday season. Also, the forbidden fruit is the sweetest, such as his wife’s young sister. She is such a tease and so tempting. His wife and her sister are polar opposites. While his wife is a sweet lady, simple, and a conservative dresser, her sister is a party girl. His sister-in-law wears clothes that show off her legs and big tits. When she walks into the room, her seductive body and eyes make every man hard. (more…)