compelled feminization at friend’s wedding

compelled feminization

A guy arrives at a historic southern plantation, and he is the last guy you would suspect that would fall victim to compelled feminization. After all, he played ball in college and fucked the prettiest girls on campus. Now, one of those girls is getting married, and he is here for the wedding this weekend. As he checks in, one of his best friends from college, a bridesmaid, is in the lobby. That sexy hot babe, former fuckbuddy, informs him know there is a significant problem.


Feminization, Then Put On Public Display


He had a confession for me and desired feminization. My caller started cross-dressing as a young boy. He had a fascination with lingerie, but he would wear his Mother’s and older sister’s dresses. His mother once told him that he should have been born a girl. She knew his secret. Today, he has a nice collection of dresses, wigs, heels, and lingerie, but he never leaves the house. I wanted to put him on display in public, surrounded by ladies.



He was desperate for a good-paying job, so after complete feminization, he got a job as a lady secretary. The female-owned company had the best benefits and the highest wages in the city. I took him shopping and oversaw his purchases. The next day we went to the salon for a head to toe make-over. By the end of his female training, his mother would not recognize him as her son, but she would as her daughter.