Voyeuristic Fetish: Watch Me fucking Him


Lucky for you that my boyfriend has a voyeuristic fetish. He took me away for a couple of days to a spa resort. We have been going out for a while now. Yesterday, after a couples massage and then a romantic dinner with too much wine, we had a kinky conversation instead of hot sex. We confessed our wildest fantasies, and he told me that he wanted to watch me fuck another guy. Turning him into a cuckold was never my plan, but everyone should get what they want once in a while!


Doggy Style Best Sex for Baseball Babe

doggy style

Rough sex and baseball might seem like an odd combination, but my panties get very wet when the bases are loaded. With a horny babe like me, doggy style is a great way to fuck me bareback! It is super exciting to be watching baseball again. For the game, I wore my very tight Cubs T-shirt and red shorts. After I turned on my boyfriends’ big screen tv, he brought me a beer from the fridge. Then he sat down on the sofa, and I put my head in his lap. As we talked baseball and pitching strategy, his fingers played with my ponytail.


Seduction and Tasty Temptation at Sunset


He is swamped at work, so he keeps declining my offers for a date. I show up at his office at dinner time. Of course, he is still working. With seduction on my mind, I insist that he takes a break. There is a beautiful city park next to his office building, and I am holding a picnic basket and a blanket. My long legs in a short skirt and my big tits in a tight top are appealing, but there is that report due at the end of the week.


Vanilla Girl Gets Wild On Valentine’s Day


A sweet but quiet girl made a romantic dinner for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. For dessert, she made a decadent, dark chocolate cake with vanilla whipped cream frosting. Then she decorated the cake with fresh strawberries. Of course, everything took longer to prepare than she expected, so she was running late. The pretty girlfriend was taking a shower when her boyfriend arrived.


No Rules and Necessary Roughness Required

no rules

It is Super Bowl Sunday, but instead, you are playing with me, my way with no limits and no rules. You think you need to watch the game, so you are cozy with a beer in front of the big screen. You watch the pre-game show and hope your team is in the Super Bowl next year. The biggest football game of the year, and you want to savor every second. Only, I have sex on the brain! Sweetheart, the only way to score tonight is with deep penetration and rough sex.