family Fun: Home of Brotherly Lust

family fun

After all, love begins at home, so how about a family fun fantasy for us to share? My coed fantasy teen body tingles head to toe when my older brother is around. My teen girl hormones kick into overdrive as I watch my brother shoot hoops on the family driveway. He has a girlfriend, but she is flat-chested. As I watch him make another lay-up, I run my hands over my hard nipples. I fantasize that my brother secretly craves my big tits over his girlfriend.


Spring Break: Bend Over For Daddy

spring break

Daddy took his fantasy, barely legal daughter away for Spring Break. Due to Covid, he rented a small house near the beach instead of renting a beach condo. The house had an excellent grill for bbq and a pool in the backyard. Drinking cocktails and watching his girl in her bikini in private sounded perfect! He thought he had planned for everything. It turned out that the weather was less than cooperative. Many storms, even a tornado warning, kept them inside.


sex Fantasy: So Many Cocks On Christmas

sex fantasy

The holidays bring out the most taboo thoughts, even a dirty, naughty sex fantasy. A barely legal southern belle’s open-minded family plans a reunion to their beach house on the coast. The family has a tradition for their girls when they turn eighteen. After all, love begins at home. The family tradition is for a young girl to remain a virgin until her Daddy says it is time. Then the family gathers together for a “coming-of-age party.”




Halloween is the perfect time of year for costumes and for Daddy to play with his coed teen princess. Daddy’s girl is developing very nicely. She has a big set of tits, which is a surprise to everyone in the family. The daughter’s boobs are already bigger than her mother’s. Daddy always thought he liked a girl best with a flat chest and bald pussy. He spent a great deal of time worshiping his tiny daughter.




It is Memorial Day Weekend, and a seductive girl lures him into another underage fantasy. Her father is a dirty southern Daddy who taught her, at a very young age, that “love begins at home.” The pretty girl adores her Daddy and will do anything for him. She is the perfect companion tempting men into having naughty sex with a cute kitten on Daddy’s boat.