compelled feminization at friend’s wedding

compelled feminization

A guy arrives at a historic southern plantation, and he is the last guy you would suspect that would fall victim to compelled feminization. After all, he played ball in college and fucked the prettiest girls on campus. Now, one of those girls is getting married, and he is here for the wedding this weekend. As he checks in, one of his best friends from college, a bridesmaid, is in the lobby. That sexy hot babe, former fuckbuddy, informs him know there is a significant problem.


Naughty Fucking In Front of Fireplace


Last night, it was very windy and stormy, and the power went out. Before the electricity went off, my boyfriend was watching a football game. The last thing that was on his mind was hot, naughty sex. Now, he was on his phone, checking the score and burning up his data plan. Without heat, I became very cold. I mentioned that I was going to change into put on yoga pants and a sweatshirt.


Vanilla Phone Sex Never Tasted Sweeter


Sometimes one of my favorite callers wants vanilla, GFE phone sex instead of a crazy, kinky taboo roleplay. He is a regular caller of mine who also frequents our chatroom. The other day, while we were chatting, I told him that I would be back in a minute. He asked if I had a call. I told him that it was the doorbell. My new lingerie from Macy’s was in that box at my front door.