Naughty Secretary’s Short Skirt and Boots

He hired his new office assistant even though she has a bit of a naughty side. During the interview, he found her a bit of a distraction. The blouse she wore hugged tightly against her big tits. Although she wore a bra, her nipples poked into the fabric. He hesitated to offer her the position, but her sharp mind, references, and long legs made her irresistible.


Naughty Neighbor plays Dirty Late Night

naughty neighbor

Imagine this; your horny, naughty neighbor knocks on our front door late one night. Your wife is sound asleep upstairs, and the sexy babe from across the street knows it. She waited for the bedroom light to go off, and she got ready. She pinned up her hair, put on her sexy red panties and her beautiful red lipstick. Next, the sexy girl pulled up her stockings and attached the garters. When you open the door, she is stunning, so you get an instant erection.


Daddy’s girl Fantasy is naughty

daddy's girl

A Daddy’s girl fantasy can be so sweet and taboo at the same time. I thought of a hot roleplay to share. A family goes away for a three-day weekend, a trip to a mountain cabin to celebrate spring. There are gorgeous wildflowers in bloom, a beautiful creek, and clean air. During the day, the family goes on long hikes, and at night, they read in front of the fireplace. When it is time for lights out, Daddy tickles his barely legal daughter and reminds her it is late.


Naughty Man Spies On Playful Kitten

Naughty man

A very naughty man moves into a new apartment building. He is a writer of erotica with a filthy mind and especially enjoys ageplay fantasies. He set up his home office with his writing table next to the window that gets a decent amount of light first thing in the morning. Today he is suffering from writer’s block, and his mind wanders all over the place. As he drinks his morning coffee, he looks out the window. In the building next door, a Mother opens the blinds in her daughter’s room.


Seduction Leads To Naughty Office Affair


A resourceful, sexy college girl has been your intern for a couple of months now. January and February were rough winter months this year. With record low temps, biting wind chills, and her body hidden in sweaters, seduction was the last thing on your mind. Now it is March! As the temperatures go up, her hemlines do as well. You notice her sexy legs first. Then blouses replace her bulky warm sweaters. Her cute curves emerge, and you are a man that appreciates firm, big tits.