Spring Break: time to play naughty Golf!

spring break

Are you not traveling this year for Spring Break? How about you play a naughty round of golf in a wild, steamy phone sex fantasy with your girlfriend? You might have to give me some pointers as we tee off. I have not played for a while, so I am very rusty. As you put your hands on my hips, I rub against you. Make my frame perfect as you have me widen my stance. I feel your cock getting hard. We are going to have the best round of golf!


No Rules and Necessary Roughness Required

no rules

It is Super Bowl Sunday, but instead, you are playing with me, my way with no limits and no rules. You think you need to watch the game, so you are cozy with a beer in front of the big screen. You watch the pre-game show and hope your team is in the Super Bowl next year. The biggest football game of the year, and you want to savor every second. Only, I have sex on the brain! Sweetheart, the only way to score tonight is with deep penetration and rough sex.


No Limits To My Wicked Imagination

no limits

I grew up in a household with strict routines, and reading before bedtime was a ritual. In telling a story or fantasy, for an author, there are no limits. Creating anything is possible is if you have a fantastic imagination. Once I moved away from the children’s section at the library, I discovered romance novels. I couldn’t get enough of them; the books contained erotic tales of dark fantasies set in foreign lands. A handsome dark knight rescues the beautiful princess held by the lord on the manor. Betrayal, lust, sex, and revenge filled my mind as I hung on every word of the page.