Seduction Leads To Anal Stretching


He thought I was too sweet for domination phone sex, but seduction got him naked. It was not difficult to persuade him. The guy admitted in chat that he needed a cum, but he was looking for an experienced Mistress. I charmed him, and he couldn’t resist my sexy big tits, so he called me. While I took his information, I talked sweetly, but I ordered him to take his hand off his dick until I set up the call. I had aroused him and let him know who was in control.


Vanilla Phone Sex Never Tasted Sweeter


Sometimes one of my favorite callers wants vanilla, GFE phone sex instead of a crazy, kinky taboo roleplay. He is a regular caller of mine who also frequents our chatroom. The other day, while we were chatting, I told him that I would be back in a minute. He asked if I had a call. I told him that it was the doorbell. My new lingerie from Macy’s was in that box at my front door.




When we share a fantasy, it is so fun to be a young ageplay princess. Your special girl that is sweet, alluring, and seductive. I don’t always have to be a Daddy’s girl. What if I do not have a Daddy, but Mommy has a new boyfriend? With virtual learning, I could be a naughty schoolgirl anywhere. If her new boyfriend rented a vacation house in Florida, he would have to take me too. Spending time with me in the pool just might be the best part of the trip.



college coed

It is that time of year again for students to return to campus, and a College Coed needs to get a problem solved. A history class she needs is full. Her attempts to contact the History Professor over the summer went unanswered. She stops by his office on the first day of class. He does not even look up, and he states that he is not allowing for any overrides this term.