Story Telling: Daddy Seduces With Erotic Tale


Once upon a time, a spoiled Daddy’s girl never wanted to go to bed. Her Daddy found story telling, always with a captivating tale, the best way to get his girl into bed. She is a lovely girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes. As Daddy and the girl lay in the bed, he pets her hair and she stares into his eyes. To the girl, no one in the world tells more exciting bedtime stories than her Daddy.


No Limits To My Wicked Imagination

no limits

I grew up in a household with strict routines, and reading before bedtime was a ritual. In telling a story or fantasy, for an author, there are no limits. Creating anything is possible is if you have a fantastic imagination. Once I moved away from the children’s section at the library, I discovered romance novels. I couldn’t get enough of them; the books contained erotic tales of dark fantasies set in foreign lands. A handsome dark knight rescues the beautiful princess held by the lord on the manor. Betrayal, lust, sex, and revenge filled my mind as I hung on every word of the page.



The wildest night of my life was a bachelorette party where we had a male stripper and lots of sex toys. Since I was one of the bridesmaids, I planned the party for the bride, my former college roommate. Her reputation in college was a dirty, party girl and the hottest slut on campus. If you have done calls with me, you may have been lucky enough to have heard of her exploits.