Voyeuristic Fetish: Watch Me fucking Him


Lucky for you that my boyfriend has a voyeuristic fetish. He took me away for a couple of days to a spa resort. We have been going out for a while now. Yesterday, after a couples massage and then a romantic dinner with too much wine, we had a kinky conversation instead of hot sex. We confessed our wildest fantasies, and he told me that he wanted to watch me fuck another guy. Turning him into a cuckold was never my plan, but everyone should get what they want once in a while!


Naughty Man Spies On Playful Kitten

Naughty man

A very naughty man moves into a new apartment building. He is a writer of erotica with a filthy mind and especially enjoys ageplay fantasies. He set up his home office with his writing table next to the window that gets a decent amount of light first thing in the morning. Today he is suffering from writer’s block, and his mind wanders all over the place. As he drinks his morning coffee, he looks out the window. In the building next door, a Mother opens the blinds in her daughter’s room.




He always knew he had a wild, sexy girlfriend, but he never suspected that she would cuckold him. That is until he caught her on her hands and knees, getting fucked by a big cock. Her boyfriend is a nice guy, and he has always been faithful to his smoking hot girlfriend. Granted, his cock is only of average length, but she always reassured him that size did not matter to her. He surprises her by coming over early one Friday evening, but he is the one who gets surprised!